Scouts y Guías Adultos "AISG- España"

The History of ISGF-AISG Spain

AISG España

The first evidence about the Adult Scouts and Guides, dates back to the initials “Constitution and Organic Bay-Laws” of the Scouts (Explorers) of Spain, dated in 1916, on page 42.

“Contribute Elements”

 b) The Union of Former Scouts (Explorers).

“Article 50. In order that young people, who in a regular time, belonged to the institution, they will able to maintain throughout the life the spirit that was instilled, and at the same time they will be able to help each other and to make enterprises of patriotic aggrandizement, it has been created the Union of Former Scouts, whose Bay-Laws will be drafted by the corresponding commission of the National Council, and it will be approved by the constituted Councils”.

Years later, in Article 96 of the same “Constitution and Organic Bay-Laws” of year 1920, transcribed in the Royal Decree, in the Gazette of Madrid No. 321, of November 17, 1922, it recommends “… at the age of twenty one years old, every Scout (Explorer) will be decommissioned in the Troop and he will pass, at its option, to the Grouping of Former Explorers (Scouts)…” by deducting it will be like another Branch of the Institution.

In September 1932, Teodoro de Iradier founded at National level, the Association “Former Scouts (Explorers)”. It works very well and at a good pace, until in 1939 it is dissolved.

The Board of Directors of this same Association, created the Iradier Medal, on the categories bronze, silver and gold.

The Circular Order No. 9 of the Ministry of the Interior (Ministerio de la Gobernación), dated on April 22, 1939, and sent to the Provincial Civil Governors, produced an absolute Scout vacuum, because it cancelled all the activities of the National Association of Scouts (Explorers) of Spain.

After the Civil War, and in a semi-clandestine way, in some localities where, in the past, the Association of Scouts (Explorers) of Spain existed, the Associations of “Former Scouts (Explorers)” were constituted. Among others, the “Former Scouts (Explorers) of Spain” at Barcelona (1953); the “Association of Former Explorers, Scouts and Guides of Tenerife” at Tenerife (1956).

On May 1, 1977, it was founded with National level the “Association of Former Explorers, Scouts and Guides of Spain”, of Madrid, founded by Juan Manuel Lopez-Palop Olea, Carlos La Rosa Gené, and Maria del Pilar Suarez Vigil.

We must wait until 1960, when in a preliminary draft of P.O.R. (Principles, Organization and Rules) of Scouts of Spain, reappear the former Scouts and Guides inside the Association of Scouts, by assigning to the Local Associations and the District Commissioners the task to “encourage the formation of Associations of Former Scouts and, likewise, they are empowered to dissolve them.”.

This approach was unsuccessful, and it is in the P.O.R. of 1970, when the Adult Scouts were named in Article 44 as follows: “The active members when eighteen years of age, if they are not Rovers, they must become Scouters…On the contrary, they must cease to be members of the Association, and it is expected that they fit into the Brotherhood of Former Scouts”.

In the P.O.R. of 1983 the above arrangement is maintained, but changing the Brotherhood by “Association of Former Explorers, Scouts and Guides”.

On August 8, 1979, this Association was recognized by the International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides – Amitié Internationale des Scouts et Guides Adultes, an international organization that brings together the associations of scouts and guides adults of each country.

On October 11, 1985 the Association changed its denomination by the Spanish Association of Former Explorers, Scouts and Guides.

On May of 1991, in order to adapt the functioning of this Association in the various Spanish Autonomous Communities, it becomes a Federation and it was renamed as Federation of Adult Scouts and Guides; and in 1996 it was renamed again as the Spanish Federation of Adult Scouts and Guides Associations.

On date of June 25, 2005, with the celebration of the Extraordinary Federal Assembly destined to approve the current Constitution, as adapted to the Organic Law 1/2002 regulating the Right of Association in Spain, its name was changed to “International Scout and Guide Fellowship – Spain”, in order to adapt it to international guidelines of the Amitié Internationale Scout et Guide – International Scout and Guide Fellowship (AISG-ISGF). Being definitively approved the current Constitution on April 1, 2006, during the celebration of an Extraordinary Assembly.