Scouts y Guías Adultos "AISG- España"

We define

ISGF Spain

ISGF-Spain defines itself as a Federation:

  • SCOUT AND GUIDE in its way of being and working, made by men and women ready to bring their attitude of service into the society in order to transform our social environment according to an ethical code sprung from the Law and Promise of the World Scout and Guide Movement, which makes up the Scouting and Guiding  for Adults.
  • PLURAL AND OPEN to all adults regardless of race, gender, nationality or creed.
  • DEMOCRATIC as regards its principles, its values as well as its practice and structure.
  • VOLUNTARY as regards its commitment and membership.
  • INDEPENDENT, only subject to the guidelines of the international organization it is joined (ISGF-AISG) and to potential alliances.
  • NO DENOMINATIONAL, respectful of any religious or spiritual attitude, or any personal creed, provided that it does not come into conflict with the scout and guide ethics.
  • IN FAVOR OF LIFE AND HUMAN- RIGHTS, especially concerning the more defenceless and vulnerable people.
  • RESPECTFUL OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND COMMITTED TO ITS CONSERVATION, from the conviction that we will help to make the world better by taking an active part in its environmental defence.
  • TOLERANT AND RESPECTFUL towards other people.
  • COMMITTED AND SUPPORTIVE especially concerning the more disadvantaged and /or at risk of social exclusion, and/or offering our assistance to the victims of human disasters inside or outside our borders.