Scouts y Guías Adultos "AISG- España"


ISGF Spain

  • Is put into practice by means of:
  • Educational campaigns about the convenience, need and usefulness of Recovering, Reusing and Re-cycling (the three R´s) the waste and about the means, infrastructures and services available.
  • Campaigns to make people aware of the good practice of citizenship, industry and careful consumption to make the Sustainable Development possible.
  • The diffusion of the benefits and real possibilities of alternative and renewable energies for hous
    ehold use.
  • The assistance and participation in campaigns condemning any attack against the environment.
  • The assistance and participation in campaigns to recover and/or restore woodlands, forests, river banks and especial eco-valuab
    le areas.
  • The assistance and participation in campaigns to protect the native species in danger, their habitat and our bio-diversity.
  • Especially referred to our geographic field of responsibility.



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