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Fellowship’s Medicines

Cartel Proyecto Medicina de la Amistad 2.015

Cartel Proyecto Medicina de la Amistad 2.015

In October 2014, some of the members of AGAE-ISGF held a meeting with the Spanish NGO “Ojos del Sur” and with the Father Alejandro López Tuero, President of the Association of “San José Obrero” at Choluteca, Honduras (counterpart of “Ojos del Sur”), both associations transferred to AGAE-ISGF the work being done, as well as an application for assistance and cooperation for the Rural Health Program, described above.

The global economic and social crisis that affects us is also having an impact on the international cooperation, which, at the same time, makes even poorer the people most in need.

 This request made to consider what kind of help could be performed, taking account beforehand, with the proverbial scout solidarity. And after the discussion of some ideas, this project “FELLOWSHIP’S MEDICINES” emerged.

The overriding objective of this project is to collaborate to the cost of the Rural Health Program, as currently “Ojos del Sur” and “San José Obrero” Association can only pay for the 88% of total expenditure; and because due to the current crisis, the number of its members has decreased, as well as the aid of the 0.7% carried out by the organizations and administrations. Therefore, it is valued that the best way to collaborate with this project is to support one of the services that the Rural Health Program provides: Moveable Pharmacy, since the annual cost of medicines is approximately 7,129.50 €. For this purpose, it will be conducted a campaign to collect medicines.

Later, after the request received from Honduras by the San Francisco de Asís Clinic, responsible for carrying out the Rural Health Program, also has been decided to send a unit X-rays and the necessary surgical supplies and prescription eyeglasses, for the work conducted by the specialist medical brigades.

It is also a key objective the sensitization and awareness on these issues of solidarity and international cooperation for youth scout groups; as well as in other adult scout associations.

In order to make the shipment to Honduras of all the material and medicines to be collected, it has been contacted the SEUR Foundation and the NGO “Wings without Borders”, who both are going to collaborate altruistically in this project.

SEUR will be the responsible for collecting packages in different Spanish locations, to transfer to Madrid. And “Wings without Borders”, will send the material to Tegucigalpa (Honduras).

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