Scouts y Guías Adultos "AISG- España"

Greetings from the President

President: Antonio Jesús Lillo Fernández email:

The fact of assuming the presidency of ISGF-AISG Spain in the period 2014-17, is mainly because I am convinced that the Scouting developed by adults, in a coordinated and committed manner, has a fundamental role in contemporary society.

The components of the ISGF-AISG Spain Executive, we have gone through different branches in Scouting, so that throughout our lives we have felt linked in more or less degree to our Scout Groups. But we all know that to be a Scout is not so much a matter of belonging to a group, but something deeper that moves in terms of personal feelings. We call it “Lifestyle” and is manifested in an almost permanent attitude of service and compromise with the others.

After my experience as Chairman of an Association of adult Scouts in Granada, I have checked that the direct participation in Scout projects provides adults, who identify themselves with the principles and values of Scouting, the possibility to implement actions of social transformation, that in an isolated manner they could not develop: Projects of different kinds: Social, Environmental, Recreation and leisure, Cultural, etc.

The range is wide, since the framework in which we move is wide too, and also this range accommodates multiple sensibilities and concerns. Actually, we all fit … because everyone joins. Our great challenge will be to have an adequate coordination for the projects we put in place can be developed with our personal and logistic means we have available at all times.

During this last stage of AISG, we had the opportunity to reflect on our future and about where we want to go as a Federation. These reflections have been included in the conclusions of the First Conference of ISGF/AISG-Spain, which took place in Granada.

This ISGF-AISG Spain Executive, who has taken as a starting point those First Conference conclusions, aims to answer in his Project to all the views and concerns expressed therein and, to do it, is proposed to achieve realistic and concrete objectives by means of 50 actions to move in that direction.

We have a similar view of the Scouting, not only as an educational system for young people, but as a set of values for adult citizens. We also have all great enthusiasm to promote and to encourage the associative life inside all the Spanish territory.

Definitively, we aim to join efforts for work together as a Team, and to put ourselves at the service of the Associations, helping them to make reality this great ideal that B.P. bequeathed us, and that in the current circumstances it makes more sense than ever: To contribute to leave this world a bit better.

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