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Project Cervantes

Proyecto Cervantes

Proyecto Cervantes

Our objective

 The world organization that brings together the Scouting and Guiding for adults has the denomination of ISGF-AISG, which is an acronym for “International Scout and Guide Fellowship- Amitié Internationale Scout et Guide”.

As we can see,the denominationis referredonlyin two languages, English and French.Thiscould be understood until a few yearsago,where thegreat majorityof the adult ScoutingandGuidingwas developed in theAnglophone and Francophone countriesinthe world. English andFrench are the official languages ofISGF-AISG since its foundation in1953.

At that time, Costa Rica was the only Spanish-speaking country founder of our organization for adults. Some years later, the Association of Former Scouts and Guides of Costa Rica would be extinguished, and currently we only have one affiliate in the Central Branch at that beautiful Central American country. The Costa Rican case is not an isolated one, because similar situations have happened in countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Chile; who having failed a joint communication to the rest of the world fraternity, due in large part to the language barrier, that represented not have sufficient human resources for translations, and consequently to promote the work of the former IFOFSAG-AIDSEGA (Source: 1953-2003 Fifthy Years ISGF-AISG).

A very funny anecdote recalls that in Venezuela, Miss Kathleen Phelps, born in Australia, the foundress of the Scout Guides Association of Venezuela gifted in 1954 a brooch with the insignia of IFOFSAG-AIDSEGA to an old Scouter and actively contributed with her husband, Mr. William H Phelps Jr., to the development of the Association of Former Scouts of Venezuela during the early years. 

With the beginning of the XXI century, the adult Spanish Scouting and Guiding undergoes both renewal and revival, and the Latin American countries start practicing the adult Scout and Guide movement in an organized manner. It is in these years when we begin to see the need to provide to the International Bureau of ISGF – AISG with the Spanish language, the common language of almost all of the countries in Latin America.

This year 2012, as the result of the celebration of the First International Meeting of Adult Scouts and Guides in Madrid, in which ASGAM (Association of Adult Scouts and Guides of Madrid) and SGAA-E (Adult Argentineans Scouts and Guides in Europe), it makes these two organizations starts to share objectives, ideas and projects.

So, as the result of this first meeting it was born the “Project  Cervantes… for an ISGF/AISG in Spanish”. It arises and takes shape with the idea of presenting the Spanish language as the third official language of ISGF – AISG worldwide.