Scouts y Guías Adultos "AISG- España"

Promotion of Scouting and Guiding in Cuba

AISG Aragón

AISG Aragón

Scouting and Guiding are present in almost all the countries in the world, except in North Korea, Andorra, PR of China, People Democratic Republic of Laos, Myanmar and Cuba.

In some of these countries, the society begins to have new concerns, yearning freedom and another ways of life.

All of us, who in some way we had something to do with the Scouting and/or Guiding, we have the obligation to disseminate and made to understand to our society the educational method created by Baden Powell.

Why to carry out this project in Cuba?.

The first reason to carry out this project to promote Scouting and Guiding in Cuba is that, of all the countries the method of Baden Powell is not present today; just only this Caribbean country has seen in its streets Scouts and Guides since 1914 to 1961, date in which the Association of Scouts of Cuba was dissolved. It is why the Scouting and Guiding are not something totally new for the Cuban society.

To that, we can add the help that means having the Spanish as a common language; Besides the Spanish and Cuban societies, we share uses and blood ties in many cases.

These two reasons are enough to front facing this project from ISGF of Aragon; but it is attached the request for assistance from a School, located at a city near Havana.

From there, we were requested to help, both in terms of training Scout and/or Guides monitors and the supply of various camping materials.

It is our commitment as adult Scouts and Guides. Due to this commitment is why we introduce you the following project from the Adult Scouting and Guiding of Aragon.