Scouts y Guías Adultos "AISG- España"

Action protocol before arriving refugees

1     Motivation



The AISG project to the refugees arises from the reflection we had during the meeting of Presidents at Madrid, last October, regarding the position of adult Scouts in the light of this fact that will occur in the coming weeks.

During the subsequent discussions, several proposals emerged, including one that was put into operation immediately, such as the whatsapp AISG Solidarity Group, in which we are issuing activities, initiatives and everything that relates to this fact.

With the aim of preparing ourselves, to assume this project, this protocol of activities has been constructed just before to the arrival of refugees.


The activities are clustered according to the following levels of action:

  • AISG Spain.
  • Asocciations
  • Guilds
  • Youth groups

2     AISG Spain

AISG ante los refugiados

AISG ante los refugiados

Through its Executive its functions are:

  • To proposelinesof action.
  • To receivethe proposalsthat arise inthe different Associations, and sharingwith all the Associationsthose thatconsider
  • To promote,at the nationallevel, the participation ofYouth groups.
  • To participatewiththe Associationsin the set up ofrelationshipswith the entities thatoften work withrefugees, as well asthedefinition of specificcollaborationsthat can be performed.
  • To coordinatethe projectat National level.

All the proposals, information and communicationsshall be addressed to:

In addition, they must be shared in the whatsapp AISG Solidarity Group, notwithstanding any other forum that may achieve in the future.


The Associations will perform the following functions within their scope of action:



  • Based on the proposalsreceived fromthe Federation, they will analyze the situationin their area ofinfluence:
    • To determine theactions they can perform.
    • To think abouttheir specificreality,if othersnot contemplatedby the Federation are consideredsignificant, and sharing themin case they mightbe performed byother associations.
  • The Associations will promote the project among its members, encouraging them to participate actively.
    • They communicate toits partnersthe actionsand activities thathave agreed to.
    • They holdinformation meetingsand trainingif necessary, to bringto a successful endthe objectives set out.
    • They begin toprepare the necessary.
  • The Associations will be put intocommunication with Organizationsattendingrefugees in theirarea, to arrange the cooperationwith them andway in whichcould play.
    • The main entities attending refugees areCEAR-Spanish Commissionfor Refugees, UNHCR, Caritas andCatholic Organizations, Red Cross, andACCEM. Each Associationwill try tointeractwith the heads ofthese organizationsin yourarea, or otherof whichthey are aware.
    • The Associations will determinewith theseentities what kind of activitiesand specific actionscould be performed, andthe logistics to be prepared.
  • The Associationswill ask to the Youth organizationsto be involved inthe realization of thisproject, withrefugee children.
  • The Association will communicate to the Federationthe type of collaborationthey will perform,andthe suggestionstobe utilized byother

4     Guilds

The existing Guilds in each Association, together with those that can be established for this specific purpose, will be responsible for carrying out the actions and activities to be determined.

Guildas ante los refugiados

Guildas ante los refugiados

  • In collaboration withtheir Associations will determinethe specificaction plans.
  • Ifthe Guildsare working togetherwith YouthScout groups, they will propose andcarry out jointactivitieswith bothchildren andparentsrefugees.
  • The Guilds will accompany therefugees in themanner stated.

5.  Youth groups

They are an important part of the project, since the initial collaboration with refugees will be mainly accompaniment and should be offered education and recreational activities to the children, suitable to their age.



Mainly we consider:

  • To integraterefugee childrenin the programmed activitieswithin their groups.
  • To integraterefugee parentsin the activitiesand meetings thateach groupmay have withthe parents of their
  • To share withadultScoutsAssociationsany otheraction or activity they think important, so that it canbe performed