Scouts y Guías Adultos "AISG- España"




The Association of Friends of Scouting of Granada (AGAE- AISG-Andalusia) is an Association of adult scouts that it is full member of International Scout and Guide Fellowship –Spain (ISGF/AISG Spain), that is the Federation at national level composed by most of the adult Spanish scout and guide Associations.

At the same time, ISGF/AISG-Spain is a full member of the international organization ISGF-AISG (International Scout and Guide Fellowship- Amitié Internationale Scoute et Guide), which is one of the three independent branches of World Scout Movement. Therefore AGAE- AISG Andalusia is a member of the internationally recognized World Scout Movement.

AGAE- AISG- Andalusia is internally organized into basic units of work called GUILDS; each one taking charge of a particular area of work, based on each of the different purposes and objectives that are part of the social objectives of the Association. The basic unit of AGAE work, specifically constituted for this project, is the VALLESCOUT GUILDA.

The Association of Friends of Scouting of Granada (AGAE- AISG-Andalusia) has as main objectives, among others, as stipulated by the Art. 4 of its Constitution:

  • The promotion of recreational activities.
  • The recovery, reconstruction and management of hostels, shelters, mountain shelters, camp sites, etc.
  • To apply for grants and funds for the projects of Scout Groups (youth) and for their own projects or those of the guilds members of the Association.
  • To collaborate with the Associations and Scout and Guide Groups (youth) and to promote the development of such organizations.
  • To perform all the licit necessary actions to the achievement of the above purposes.

With the realization of what we have called VALLESCOUT PROJECT, during the months of cession, we have given full account of the social purpose of AGAE, and the commitment we made with the Municipality of Restábal, performing during these months.